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Somebody’s Watching Me? Assessing the Effectiveness of Webcam Indicator Lights (CHI ’15)

Abstract Most laptops and personal computers have webcams with LED indicators to notify users when they are recording. Because hackers use surreptitiously captured webcam recordings to extort users, we explored the effectiveness of these indicators under varying circumstances and how they could be improved. ¬†We observed that, on average, fewer than half of our participants […]

Is This Thing On? Crowdsourcing Privacy Indicators for Ubiquitous Sensing Platforms (CHI ’15)

Abstract We are approaching an environment where ubiquitous computing devices will constantly accept input via audio and video channels: kiosks that determine demographic information of passersby, gesture controlled home entertainment systems and audio controlled wearable devices are just a few examples. To enforce the principle of least privilege, recent proposals have suggested technical approaches to […]